Our Native Vegetation Management Plan

Dad removed the stock from the Triangle Block in the mid-seventies and the rejuvenated scrub now surrounds the Lodge. It’s recognised as having Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) and is managed under a Native Vegetation Management Plan. The SEB area is dedicated to the conservation of native vegetation and fauna. Working with the support of the Native Vegetation Council we’ve committed to a ten-year plan to eradicate the Bridal Creeper, False Caper and Buckthorn that pose a threat to the native flora and fauna.

Australian made

We support local and Australian-made.

Agastino and Brown: The stunning Wormy Chestnut dining table was handmade in Adelaide by Agastino and Brown

Apricate: Our beach towels are sustainably made from recycled polyester (rPET) using post-consumer recycled plastics, textiles and even old fishing nets, saved from our oceans or landfill. APRICATE Towels are compact, sand-resistant, and quick-drying, so they make the perfect companion for your beach adventures.

Bennetts Magill Stoneware Pottery: Our gorgeous stoneware crockery is made in Adelaide by Bennetts Magill Pottery. Bennetts Magill Pottery is a privately-owned family company established in 1887 by Charles William Bennett and currently run by fifth generation potter, John Bennett (who made our collection).

Consolidated Brass Industry: Our beautiful brass tapware is made in Adelaide by Consolidated Brass Industry.

Dri Glo: We love our Dri-Glo cotton towels made from premium combed cotton in 650gsm, with both a waffle texture and a terry rib. The first Dri-Glo towels rolled off the loom in Yarraville, Victoria in 1930.

Købn: Our Kobn towels are designed in Melbourne and ethically made by a family-run mill in Denizli, Turkey. Founded in 2017 Købn is an Australian brand that carries Oeko-Tex, SEDEX and GOTS certifications and Made In Green by Oeko-Tex swing tags – allowing complete traceability across the production cycle for each product via a QR code.

MiniJumbuck: We owe a huge thank you to MiniJumbuck who have been generous supporters of the Lodge from inception. Our luxurious comfortable bedding is made from Limestone Coast wool not far from us in Naracoorte.

Nood Co: Our bathrooms feature beautiful Nood Co Concrete basins which are sustainably made in Western Australia. Nood Co concrete has zero chemicals, and our basins are waxed in 100% organic wax.

Plumm: Our glassware is from Melbourne-based Plumm, the first Australian glassware brand designed for specific wine styles. Produced in Europe from the highest quality crystal Plumm is designed to be enjoyed every day.

Sheet Society: Our bedlinen is made from 100% long staple cotton. Natural fibres need to be treated gently to preserve all of their best features and Melbourne-based Sheet Society doesn’t use any harsh dyes or chemicals. The cotton is farmed rather than manufactured and the plants are picked each season and can continue growing, helping to reduce their environmental impact. Our cotton sheets are not only remarkably durable, they're also biodegradable. When we’re ready to say goodbye, they'll break down naturally.

Waverly Mills: Our lovely throws are made by Waverley Mills in Tasmania from salvaged high fashion yarns from Italy that would have ended up in landfill. 

Zero Co: We’ve partnered with Zero Co from NSW for washing and moisturising. Our shampoo, conditioner, soap and moisturisers are good for you and the planet with no nasty ingredients, phthalate or palm oil. And there’s no need to worry about single-use plastic as Zero Co keep-bottles are made from ocean and beach waste and the refill pouches are recycled.

Architect: John Lea

Interior designer: Anne-Marie Pyne